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So is structured so that approaches which are generic across different SQL databases are expressed in a base class, and approaches which only work for specific SQL databases are expressed in a subclass.

An object of the relevant class is instantiated when the call is made, and control then passed to the implementation relevant to the database in use.

So we could think in terms of creating a re-usable module which would implement that logic.

This is the intention of UPDATE staff SET salary = 1200 WHERE name = ' Bob'; UPDATE staff SET salary = 1200 WHERE name = ' Jane'; UPDATE staff SET salary = 1200 WHERE name = ' Frank'; UPDATE staff SET salary = 1200 WHERE name = ' Susan'; UPDATE staff SET salary = 1200 WHERE name = ' John'; “key_columns” specifies the columns which will be used to identify rows which need to be updated (using WHERE). The first element provides the value of the column (specified by “key_columns”) to identify the row to be updated.

and we could persuade the database server to apply those updates to the target table?

This is in fact entirely possible in many database systems.

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If we want to update more than one column, whereas previously we specified the new value using a scalar, when there is more than one column to update, we use an Array Ref.“value_columns” specifies the columns which will be updated (using SET). The second element provides the value to be SET in the column specified by “value_columns”.In this case, will spot that the target values are all 1200, and will effect the desired changes using a single UPDATE statement as described above.A requirement arises in many systems to update multiple SQL database rows.

For small numbers of rows requiring updates, it can be adequate to use an UPDATE statement for each row that requires an update.Also, let’s say we want to make updates only for people in the company “Widget Co”.

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